BIS: Trading With the Enemy – The Whole Story

This article presents the truth about the Swiss Nazi gold controversy and the involvement of U.S. banks and the Federal Reserve during the Second World War. This report opens up the sordid record of the American financial establishment and how our central bankers put trade before patriotism, profits before our troops during times of war and how this relates to our nation today in the „so called“ latest conflict, The War on Terror.

This special report links Switzerland’s sometimes regrettable World War II activities with specific evidence suggesting a possible revenue trail from the Nazi gold sales to the Bank for International Settlements, located in Basel, Switzerland. This „bankers bank“ was operated by the central banks of numerous other countries including certain American banks and possibly even the Federal Reserve!

Here in this report we trace the profits and financial accountability of all parties involved in these wartime activities and urge that these be investigated. Although Switzerland, certainly looked after her best interests during the war, …

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